Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying To Make Summer Last A Little Longer

My son and his girlfriend bought me this beautiful annual for Mother's day in May. It has been the centerpiece of our step garden this year and was absolutely beautiful. It just kept growing and producing stunning orange flowers all summer long.

It spread so much that there was little need to weed this flower garden this year. The weeds had no room to move in.

I really hated the thought of the frost killing this beauty so hubby dug up the center of the plant and then carefully pulled all of the runners free. He potted it in a large pot, gave it a serious haircut and then built a new trellis for it to climb on. We put it in the bathroom to see if it will continue to grow.

The plant is called a Thunbergia or Black-eyed Susan Vine. It can grow to be 8 ft. tall on a trellis outside. If it survives the winter inside, we will put it back out in the Spring.

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