Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Compost Bin

We have lived at our current home for 16 years. My husband built a compost area the summer we moved in and we are just now having to replace it. The old compost bin was about half of the size the new one is.

Being able to put our food and yard waste in a compost area is so nice. Less smelly trash and even your weeds and fallen leaves will be useful in growing your future gardens.

You need to be sure to get a mixture of both brown materials for carbon and green materials for nitrogen. If the mixture is not right it takes much longer to break down.

We rarely have needed to wet down our compost pile. We just rely on the natural mixture of rainfall and sunshine. If there is long dry period you may want to wet your compost pile down. Make sure not to make it too mushy though.

Turn your pile over with a pitchfork frequently. The bacteria need air to survive so turning your pile over keeps all of those organisms healthy and growing.

The leaves are starting to turn color in our area so pretty soon the bagger on the lawnmower will be filled with chopped leaves and not just green grass clippings.

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