Monday, September 3, 2007

Raw Cabbage

Raw Cabbage has amazing properties. It stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria, viruses, and heals ulcers - juiced a Standford Study shows. Dr. James Balch in Prescription for Dietary Wellness, says your chances of contracting colon cancer can be reduced by 60% by eating cabbage weekly. Dr. Saxon-Graham states that those who never consumed cabbage were three times more likely to develop colon cancer. A japanese study shows people who ate cabbage had the lowest fatality rate from any cancer. Therapeutic benefits have also been attributed to cabbage in relation to scurvy, gout, rheumatism (arthritis), eye diseases, asthma, pyorrhea, and gangrene. Cooking destroys the cabbages healing properties.
-Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Vital Living to 120

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