Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mono Melon Smoothie from Karen Knowler

Melons: "Eat on their own or leave them alone", as the saying goes. Well, there's a fair amount of widom in this advice, however, have you ever drunk a melon on its own?

You haven't?!

Then may I invite you to suspend all judgment and predictions and to simply introduce your melon to the blender and see what magic occurs? It really is a match made in heaven...

* 1 ripe melon of your choice [Galia is my favourite melon for this recipe]

1) Simply cut your melon in half and spoon the ripe flesh out of the skin, putting the seeds to one side. If you are serving one person, half a melon will be enough, unless that person (probably you!) is very hungry!

2) Blend your melon on high speed until no lumps remain - this is your smoothie!

3) Pour into a tall glass, find a cosy corner, relax . . . and sip silently - if you can!


* You could try adding one other fruit to this smoothie to give it a gentle twist, such as a few strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries. This will make for a stunning looking drink as well as new tastes to delight you and your guests.

* This is a great breakfast as it is just fruit. If drinking this at any other time of day, to avoid gas and bloating you must drink on an empty stomach, as all fruits digest the quickest of all foods, but melon is the fastest -and when blended faster still! So wait at least 3 hours after eating your last meal to drink this - hence the breakfast suggestion!

* This one won't keep well in the fridge, so best to drink it as soon as possible. Why wait anyhow?!
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