Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eight common mistakes that occur on Raw Food

by Victoria Boutenko

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1. Many raw fooders do not eat enough greens.
Solution: Regularly consume energy soup or green
smoothies to guarantee the proper amount of greens.

2. Many raw fooders do not consume enough fiber,
soluble and insoluble.
Solution: Drink more smoothies or energy soups instead
of juices.

3. People on a raw food diet often consume too many
fats. When they try to imitate cooked dishes they
substitute starches with nuts.
Solution: Use nut pulp left over from making nut
mylks, use more seeds and less nuts, and use more
fruit and vegetable pulp from juices in your mixtures,
to minimize the consumption of nuts.

4. Raw fooders commonly try to become too perfect too
fast. They don't give their bodies a chance to adjust
to such a radical dietary change.
Solution: Gradually adjust and purify your own
individual diet to help you ease into the healthiest
diet for you.

5. When people change their diets they usually decide
the other components that make up health are no longer
important, such as sunbathing, exercising, proper
rest, fresh air, etc.
Solution: Practice a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

6. People on the raw foods diet often over-indulge in
some particular foods and neglect the variety of other
fruits and vegetables.
Solution: Eat foods in reasonable quantities.

7. The biggest mistake raw fooders make is that they
listen to the raw food authorities and don't trust the
invaluable messages their own bodies communicate.
Solution: Keep a diary of your daily food
consumption and how it affects your well-being.

To add #8: Dietary Variety - perhaps just an emphasis
of #6 - At Creative Health we often found that after a
year on Raw Living Foods many people we experiencing
imbalances because they had settled into a routine of
only 6 or 7 foods they were eating. Dietary variety is
very important! Try everything in the veggie aisle.
Experiment with the unfamiliar in the fruit aisle. Try
different grains and seeds.
Even if you just toss a bit of this and that into the
blender, you'll still gain the benefits that each food
gives us.

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